SCNet iPayBy Recurring Payments

The iPayBy Recurring Payment solution is a secure, automated payment scheduling system.

The solution is convenient and simple to use, easy to configure and requires no technical development.
You configure the schedule and we process the transactions.

iPayBy Recurring Payments provides you with an automated periodic billing solution which is perfect for businesses that operate on a membership or subscription based model.

The system automatically bills your customer's credit card, at specified intervals, for your goods or services.

These payments continue until the service is cancelled or the final process date is reached.

No additional hardware, installation or integration is required as the solution is accessed via our intuitive iPayBy Administration and Reporting Portal.

  1. iPayBy Recurring Payments supports periodic, scheduled, token/triggered, batch and one-off payments;
  2. SCNet are responsible for storing, processing and transmitting credit card information, meaning you don’t need to store sensitive payment information locally;
  3. All transactional data is encrypted and stored securely within our PCI DSS compliant platform;
  4. If specified, on approval of payment, an email notification can be sent to both you (the biller), and your customer;
  5. SCNet manage all major PCI requirements and responsibilities;
  6. An SSL Certificate is not required.